Thursday, June 08, 2006

"It was in memory of the baby inside of me."

One post-abortive woman built a bear and she and her boyfriend talk to it in memory of their unborn child.

From Abortion Info at Live Journal:
ok so I had my abortion in december. i dont regret anything, because i know it was for the best. the weekend before the abortion me, my boyfriend and his family went to houston. we went into a build a bear workshop, bought and named a bear. it was in memory of the baby inside of me. now, 6 months later, this bear is still a part of me. we both talk to him and treat him as if hes there.

does anyone else do this? am i hurting myself more by keeping it in the present?

Thoughts? I'm guessing a fair number of post-abortive women talk to their unborn child even if they don't have an object which symbolizes the child.

Is "knowing something is for the best" a good reason not to regret an abortion? Is it possible to feel that abortion was for the best but still regret it?

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