Friday, June 09, 2006

Things that make you go hmmmm...

It never ceases to amaze me the contradictory things women who are considering an abortion will say to convince themselves their unborn child is not alive. From "I could be Anyone" whom I blogged about yesterday.
"So a brief discussion of how I am feeling. I am about six weeks along, which means that there is a little heartbeat in there - and that scares and saddens me. That does certainly make it a little more real, doesn't it?

...I suppose, since I am committed to the abortion I should not really consider the health issues of the Glob. It seems ridiculous to be concerned about the welfare of a Glob when the fate of the Glob is to be removed. I am basically saying that the Glob is not a life when I say that I can terminate it so why would I worry about the effect of alcohol on it?"

So she knows her unborn child has a heartbeat and she knows the child is affected by alcohol but she reasons that the child is "not a life" because she's decided to terminate that life which really isn't a life?

I also thinks its staggering how society has trained people to be more concerned about pregnant women smoking and pregnant women drinking than pregnant women having abortions. A pregnant woman has been given the complete say over whether she can have someone intentionally end the life of her child because it's "her body, her choice" but if the same woman decides not to have an abortion she would be looked down upon if she decides to consume alcohol or smoke during pregnancy because those actions might injure the child. So it's "her body, her choice" with abortion but "don't do that, it will hurt the child" with smoking and drinking.

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