Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"Why Terminate?"

At Just Tenured, a professor has struggling with a decision regarding her pregnancy for a month and seems to have decided on abortion.

In a post yesterday she asks,
"Why terminate? Because I'm selfish, chicken, terrified...

It's easy to terminate. As much as I've given "ease" lip service, I've never really taken the easy road - I've tended towards the riskier, tougher path that has huge potential rewards. And I've always been happy with my choices, ultimately. Then again, I could say that it's easy to choose to have it now....

$h!t. I think I'm having a kid."

In a post today, where she seems to have decided on abortion, she writes,
"Termination certainly is a difficult, brave, and right choice. So is having it....

I feel comfortable that I've made a decision. I feel comfortable with the decision. It's scary, I like the idea of this kid, want it, but.... it's not quite right.
I want us time. That doesn't mean that I'm trying to save or prolong the relationship - or clinging, as some have suggested. The relationship isn't in question. When I say I want us time, it means that I want alone time. Fun time. "

Like another blogger, she has also flipped a coin to try to help her decide.

If you choose to post a comment on her blog, please be respectful. This woman has struggled with her decision and is probably still struggling so saying things like "You're killing your baby!" are not likely to turn her away from abortion but will merely give her a bad impression of prolife people.

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