Thursday, June 29, 2006


Joe Carter: "I've also come to the conclusion, based on overwhelming evidence, that anyone who claims that American evangelicals want to establish a theocracy is either irredeemably stupid or dishonest."

Albert Mohler: "Those words end Lamott's essay. There is no extended moral argument for her action in assisting the suicide of her friend. There is no engagement with the Christian moral tradition, and there is no real sense of moral reflection at all. As with the issue of abortion, Anne Lamott is simply guided by her own sense of what is right and wrong."

Peggy Noonan "This is the exact opposite of the truth. Hillary doesn't have to prove her guy chops. She doesn't have to prove she's a man, she has to prove she's a woman. No one in America thinks she's a woman. They think she's a tough little termagant in a pantsuit. They think she's something between an android and a female impersonator."

Alexander Cockburn: "Welcome to blog world. They’re loonies, beyond any sanction or reproof by reality. These people are going to stop a war, change the direction of our politics? They make Barbra Streisand sound like Che Guevara."

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