Monday, June 26, 2006

Another entry for the most deceptive way to describe human cloning

The Detroit News recently had an editorial which went after Michigan's laws against human cloning and killing human embryos for research purposes. The editorial included this amazingly deceptive description of human cloning for research:
The other law that gets in the way of stem cell research, Professor Morrison adds, is a ban on a procedure known as nuclear transfer or therapeutic cloning, in which stem cells are "customized" for particular patients by scientifically melding their cells with stem cells to develop matter that will be accepted by a patient.

Right to Life of Michigan's Ed Rivet is having none of it:
The Detroit News' June 15 editorial "Backward laws stifle jobs-creating research" is breathtaking for either its ignorance of science or its arrogance in trying to bamboozle the public.....

Scientifically melding? Develop matter? What this Orwellian language covers up is the cloning of human embryos. There is no "melding" of a patient's cells with stem cells. It is cloning -- taking a patient's DNA, putting it into a human egg, stimulating it to grow the same way all humans start to develop, then destroying the cloned embryo to harvest the stem cells. It is clone and kill research."

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