Thursday, June 01, 2006

Amazing faith

UPDATE: The blog which tracks Whitney's recovery is here.

If you haven't already seen the blog about Laura Van Ryn (mostly written by her sister Lisa) take the time to do so.

The Van Ryn family has been helping to care for a young woman (Whitney Cerak) they thought was their daughter and sister for the past month after a tragic car accident in which four students and one administrator from Taylor University were killed.

The body of Lisa Van Ryn was mistakenly identified as the another Taylor student named Whitney Cerak. Whitney has been recovering in hospitals in Fort Wayne and in Grand Rapids for the past month with the help, prayers and encouragement of the Van Ryn family who thought that Whitney was Laura.

Only recently has Whitney become more aware of her surroundings and been able to help others identify her as Whitney. A memorial service for Laura will be held in Grand Rapids on Sunday.

The blog of the Van Ryn family is an amazing testament to their faith. Almost every entry starts with a verse or a prayer and then chronicles the small steps of recovering while thanking those who are praying for them and often asks prayers to be given for the families of those who lost a family member in the accident.

After finding out that the young woman she's been caring for isn't her sister, Lisa writes,
For us, we will mourn Laura's going home and will greatly miss her compassionate heart and sweetness while knowing that she is safe and with her King forever. We rejoice with the Ceraks, that they will have more time on this earth with their daughter, sister, and loved one.

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