Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Why is there only one abortion clinic in Mississippi?

From the AP:

A Jackson abortion clinic, which closed in 2004, has been ordered by a Hinds County judge to pay a $500,000 default judgment to a woman who claimed she was injured in a 2003 procedure by a doctor who has since lost his medical license.....

The clinic closed in August 2004 after Dehenre, its only abortion physician, had his license suspended following the death of a patient in Alabama and was cited for malpractice in the cases of three other women, including Travis.

Both Alabama and Mississippi suspended Dehenre's medical license indefinitely. The state of New York also suspended Dehenre's medical license.

Noble said his client almost bled to death from the procedure.

Travis, then 20, paid $680 for an abortion at the clinic, according to the lawsuit. She went to the clinic in March 2003 with her mother. The Jackson woman had at least one child already. Though she had planned to have more children later, according to the lawsuit, she had to have a hysterectomy after the procedure.

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