Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Life Links 12/7/05

Gerald Nora at Ales Rarus discusses the definition of an organism.

Kim from ThinkChristian posts her thoughts on the firing of a pregnant Catholic school teacher which has sparked a lively discussion.

William Hurlbut answers questions about Altered Nuclear Transfer at National Review.

Michigan's Planned Parenthood affiliates are getting in a tizzy over H.B. 4446, a bill that would allow women the opportunity to view the ultrasound image of their child prior to an abortion. The legislation doesn't force women to view an ultrasound, it merely forces abortionists to give them the opportunity if they so desire.

According to Planned Parenthood, giving women the option of viewing their ultrasound "does not have the best interest of women in mind," is "redundant," is mean-spirited and unnecessary, and does not seek to provide women with more information to make informed decisions. Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood never explains why this legislation is all those bad things.

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