Thursday, December 15, 2005

NARAL's take on Judge Alito

NARAL has loaded up their pistol with blanks and is shooting at Judge Alito in their new Liberty (aka Legal Abortion) at Risk Report.

I think my favorite part of the report is on page 9:

South Dakota enacted a law in 2005 requiring physicians providing abortion services to tell the patient that: (1) the abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being; (2) the pregnant woman has an existing relationship with the unborn human being that is protected by the U. S. Constitution and the laws of South Dakota, and which will be terminated by the abortion; and (3) depression, psychological distress, increased risk of suicide ideation and suicide, death, hemorrhage, danger to subsequent pregnancies, and infertility are significant risk factors of having an abortion. Medical evidence refutes virtually all of these claims.

This report has 86 endnotes. Notice how writers supply no endnote for their claim in the last sentence. Hmmmm..... I wonder why.

NARAL continues to tell whoppers about Michigan's Legal Birth Definition Act. On page 10, they note:

Perhaps the most notable piece of anti-choice legislation enacted in 2004 was Michigan's new ban on abortion, which could effectively outlaw abortion even in the earliest stages of pregnancy. The Michigan ban represents the most far-reaching restriction on the right to choose adopted by any state in more than a decade.37

The endnote has the law's address in Michigan's compiled laws and no explanation as to how a law that defines legal birth at the point when any non-severed part of the child is outside the woman could outlaw abortion in the earliest stages of pregnancy.

The report also lies about the Pennsylvania's spousal notification law:

He would have upheld a statute that would have forced married women to notify their husbands before seeking abortion services, even though the statute would endanger and coerce women who feared abuse if forced to notify their husbands.

Mentioning that the law had an exemption for women who feared the "infliction of bodily injury" must have slipped their minds.

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