Friday, December 23, 2005

Korean Cloning: A House Built on a Stack of Lies

After blowing close to $40 million on Hwang Woo-Suk, a South Korean university panel has accused Hwang of deliberately faking at least 9 stem cell lines. They also found that more eggs were used than reported. They’re still trying to figure out how many. Other top stem cell researchers doubt if Hwang actually cloned a dog. So Hwang not only lied about how many stem cell lines were created from human clones (he possibly might not have created any), but how many eggs were needed to create the clones (which might not have even been created) but also might have lied about cloning a dog.

I find this quote amusing:

Professor Alan Trounson, a top stem-cell researcher at Australia's Monash University, said the scandal showed scientists were rigorously checking one another's results.

If that were the case, this research would have never been published in the first place. It took the investigation of a South Korean television station to get researchers to actually question Hwang and his research.

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