Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hwang Woo-Suk's pants are on fire

No wonder Hwang was so stressed out.

LifeNews, Scott Klusendorf and ProlifeBlogs are all over this AP story where one of Hwang's co-researchers, Roh Sung-il, admits that much of their famous human cloning research was faked.

Roh Sung-il, chairman of the board at Mizmedi Hospital, told KBS television that Hwang had agreed to ask the journal Science to withdraw the paper, published in June to international acclaim. Roh was one of the co-authors of the article that detailed how individual stem cell colonies were created for 11 patients through cloning.

Roh also told MBC television that Hwang had pressured a former scientist at his lab to fake data to make it look like there were 11 stem cell colonies.

Roh said nine of the embryonic stem cell lines Hwang had claimed were cloned in the paper were faked, and the authenticity of the other two was unknown.

Roh told MBC that he heard from Hwang on Thursday morning that "there were no embryonic stem cells" because all colonies have since died in the lab.

In related news, the delusional bioethicists at American Journal of Bioethics blog are trying to defend their misleading column by claiming that they just got a name wrong.

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