Friday, December 09, 2005

Michigan's Ultrasound Legislation

On Wednesday, the Michigan Senate voted 36-0 to approve a revised version of ultrasound viewing option legislation. H.B. 4446 adds text to Michigan's informed consent law that will require abortion providers to "provide the patient with the opportunity to view, or not to view, an active ultrasound image of the fetus, and offer to provide the patient with a physical picture of the ultrasound image of the fetus prior to the performance of the abortion" if the woman undergoes an ultrasound. Last year, ultrasound was the pregnancy confirmation method for 87.2% of women having an abortion. The legislation also instructs that Michigan's informed consent web site have a listing of facilities that provide free ultrasounds.

The legislation was revised so that abortion providers aren't required to perform an ultrasound prior to an abortion. This revised version will hopefully be accepted by Jennifer Granholm, Michigan's pro-choice governor who was opposed to the legislation previously because of the mandatory ultrasound section.

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