Monday, December 05, 2005

New York is "The Abortion Capital of America"

The New York Metro has an article that details New York's on-again-off-again-on-again love affair with abortion.

The article is written from a pro-choice slant and has some interesting information.

Abortion was a profitable industry in New York back in the 19th century.

New York's most famous abortionist, the flamboyant Madame Restell, spent $60,000 a year on such advertising. Over 40 years, she built an abortion empire, with traveling salesmen hawking her pills and franchise clinics in Boston and Philadelphia. Such was her prominence that abortion was referred to in New York as "Restellism." The practice became very common. A study from 1868 found that one in five New York City pregnancies ended in abortion.

The article notes that medical abortions have gone back-alley. There is a "growing black market in misoprostol, the drug that is taken with mifepristone to induce abortion but which is cheaper and easier to obtain than its sibling" in New York City.

New Yorkers pay for a lot of abortions.

"In 2003, Medicaid paid for 43 percent of abortions in New York City."

Not all advocates of legal abortion think abortion is a tragedy. Planned Parenthood's Maureen Paul thinks she saves a woman's life every time she performs an abortion.

"Hillary can say anything she wants about whether an abortion is a tragedy," says Dr. Paul. "What I know when I perform an abortion for a patient is that the overwhelming feeling is one of relief. Because the abortion has solved a huge problem in her life, whether it's because she couldn't afford another child, couldn't afford to be a good mother to another child, or doesn't have the money to raise a child." She becomes increasingly passionate as she speaks. "Every time I do an abortion I save a woman's life. If you want to call that a tragedy"—she pauses and exhales a sharp sigh—"I don't consider it a tragedy, I'm sorry."

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  1. I blogged on this one too. And I included a list of women that have been eliminated in New York's war against fetuses. So much for every abortion "saving a woman's life."

  2. Her comments are eerily close to what the other abortion doctor just said last week about abortion helping women be "born again." It must be an underlying theme amongst abortion providers.

    I can see why they would feel that way, but I think that they say this because they are seeping with denial and they have to look at the positive - no matter how much of a stretch it is.

  3. I wonder if she feels that way about the women she sees 3 or more times. Does she really feel that she is saving the life of the same women over and over again?