Monday, December 05, 2005

The "Me" Generation

The Detroit News has a cybersurvey to gage how their on-line readers would answer the question below:

"Would you abort a Down syndrome fetus if the birth defect were detected within the first trimester?"

The survey also allows readers to comment on the question. One of the responses leave me speechless.

Cindy Delinalle
City: Novi, mi USA
Subject: Down_syndrome
Comments: Let's be practical. I am not giving up 80% or more of my life to care for a Down Syndrome baby that will be depend on me through his/her adult life. "Corkey" was lucky and probably the only casted to get ratings to play on the hearts of others. Let my be as upfront as possible......This is the 'Me' generation, and with health costs increasing endlessly, who has the money.

Some more lovely comments:

From: fedup
City: over taxed, mi USA
Subject: Down_syndrome
Comments: it should be a mandatory abortion--at a minimum of $4million per child society cannot continue to pay for every unhealthy baby that a parent wants but wont take finacial responsibility for--let parent birth them if they agree to sign over their tax returns, and 100% of assets to the people or abort them

From: Joe
City: Madison Heights, MI USA
Subject: Down_syndrome
Comments: Yes, to take away a horrible future before the lifeform can even make a sentient thought, yes. Would you want to deal with it every minute..of every year..not to mention the life that poor kid would have. Did you really think of that aspect?

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