Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Still more problems for abortionist Steven Brigham

Constantly troubled abortionist and abortion clinic owner Steven Chase Brigham is making the news again. This time for performing abortions in Maryland at one of the clinics he owns.

One problem: he's not licensed in the state of Maryland.
The Maryland State Board of Physicians ordered Steven Chase Brigham, 54, to stop practicing medicine without a license at American Women's Services, which has locations in Elkton, Baltimore, Cheverly, College Park and Frederick .

According to the order, issued Wednesday, Brigham has been performing surgeries regularly in Elkton. He has performed two or three procedures twice a week for at least the past several months.

It is not clear whether Brigham ever worked in the Frederick office.

The order also said Brigham has been observed performing about 50 surgeries in Elkton since January.

"The health of Maryland patients is being endangered by (Brigham's) unlicensed practice of medicine in this state," the order says.

The board cannot revoke Brigham's license because he is not licensed in Maryland. All the board can do at this time is order him to stop practicing in the state, according to Karen Wulff, spokeswoman for the Board of Physicians.

If Brigham continues to practice in Maryland, the board may be able to take action, she said.

"In some situations, practicing medicine without a license is a felony in Maryland," she said.

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