Monday, August 16, 2010

Life Links 8/16/10

On Friday, the FDA approved ella as an emergency contraceptive. A group of prolife leaders signed a letter at the end of July raising concerns about ella, including the possibility that it could prevent the implantation of a human embryo.

Authorities in South Carolina found the body of a 21-week-old child at the site where a man claimed to have been beaten and had his truck stolen after he pulled his pants down to have sex with a female passenger.
Deputies said they found the fetus near the area where the Tahoe had been parked, but they do not have a name of the woman who lost her child in the field. They do not know if the child was from the woman who initiated sexual advances on the Harleyville man. Deputies do not know if the assault and the fetus are connected in any way.

A judge in California has awarded a girl $50,000 after her school forced her to remove a prolife shirt.
According to the lawsuit, the student came to school on April 29, 2008, designated as National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day, wearing a shirt which showed two photos of a developing fetus, following by a third panel in solid black. The shirt read "Abortion" at the top with the words "growing... growing... gone." underneath the photos.

School officials removed the girl from the cafeteria as she was about to eat breakfast. She was taken to the assistant principal's office where she was told to remove the shirt and never wear it at the school again because it violated the dress code.

In Britain, scientists have developed red blood cells from embryonic stem cell lines created from more than 100 embryos.

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