Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More information on ella

Here are a couple of new posts on the controversial drug ella which was recently approved by the FDA as an emergency contraceptive:

Serge at the Life Training Institute contrasts ella with Plan B and writes:
What about Ella? I will show in following posts that just about everything that I stated about Plan B is completely different than Ella. Ella has been shown conclusively to have an adverse effect on the uterine lining. Investigators admit that if taken in higher doses, Ella will cause an abortion just like her sister RU-486. This is not an emergency contraceptive drug - it is a low dose abortifacient.

At Public Discourse, Michael Fragoso describes ella as "The Stealth Abortion Pill" and discusses the possibility of ella being prescribed in an off-label manner to induce abortions.
In a sense, ella’s manufacturers do not need the FDA to approve ulipristal for anything more than EC. If they were to get it approved as an abortion drug, that would simply allow them to market it as such, and the political and commercial realities of contemporary America make DTC (or even learned intermediary) marketing of an abortion drug a dubious goal for a corporation. With or without FDA approval, the sorts of physicians who prescribe abortion drugs will be able to prescribe ulipristal to terminate a pregnancy.

Slate has a article which asks whether ella is birth control or abortion.
At least one study of ella has noted that the drug given at high or repeated doses could alter the lining of a woman's uterus and theoretically impair an embryo's implantation. Archer says there's no evidence that ella can interrupt an existing pregnancy or prevent implantation, and other experts point to the drug's 2 percent failure rate as proof. "At that point, it's just a microscopic ball of about 256 to 550 or 600 cells that will differentiate in the future," explains Archer. "You won't see a head or fingers or any fetal organs."
Note how the author presents evidence (with a link) to the possibility of ella preventing implantation, then says "an expert" from ella's manufacturer says there is no evidence for this and then quotes him attempting to dehumanize the unborn.

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