Tuesday, August 03, 2010


From Maia, a guest blogger at Feministing who also runs a blog which attempts to help women abort their children with herbs.
when people ask me why i am an outlaw midwife, i tell them, because revolutionaries are born everyday. if we let them be born.

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  1. Irony indeed. Check out her "outlaw midwife" blog too, especially this post:

    In that post, she outlines the conflict (as she sees it) between the "mamacentric" and "babecentric" views. Her position is unapologetically focused on the mother. If the child's rights conflict with the mother's rights, than she'll choose the mother every time. In this view, she is at least consistent with being pro-abortion-choice....

    Part of her justification for her view is an old adage that she quotes:
    it should also be said that i assume that most of the time, what is good for the mama is good for the baby.

    Much of the time, I even agree with her. Most mothers have a natural, God-given drive to care for their children. If you provide for the mother, then the mother will provide for her child. And she'll probably do it better than you will. So the best way to care for children is usually to care for their mothers.


    The glaring exception to this principle is when the mother is perversely determined to destroy her child. In that case, the mother's wishes are not just unhelpful to her child, but they are positively destructive. If we assume that helping a mother to kill her child is "good" for the mother (highly debatable, but let it go for now), then this particular case is opposite the usual rule. What is "good" for the mama is disastrous for the baby.

    Help them both.
    Care for them both.
    Love them both.
    In doing so, steadfastly reject any "solution" which requires us to kill an innocent human being for the benefit of another human being....