Friday, August 20, 2010

Life Links 8/20/10

Abortion clinics in Louisiana have dropped their lawsuit against the state's ultrasound law after conferring with the health department over whether photos of the ultrasound had to be offered to women or given to them forcibly. Note the quote below for the next time someone like Abortion Gang member Sarah F. seems to think that ultrasound laws are going to add to the cost of an abortion or are some kind of huge impediment to women.
Toti said the clinics aren't challenging the general ultrasound requirement because they all provide ultrasounds on site as a standard practice.

Slate's pro-choice Double XX blog gives Palin the win in her recent scuffle with Emily's List about "mama grizzlies."
The Emily's List video wasn't gathering liberals around an electrifying idea—it was attempting to co-opt Palin's very effective rallying cry. As Hanna said yesterday, Palin gets to be the cool one in this situation, the one the other ladies are sweating. The List, and liberals in general, would be better served creating a stunning, galvanizing idea of our own.

The Spartanburg Herald-Journal has an editorial on opposition to South Carolina's 24-hour waiting period.
You cannot simply walk off the street into the office of an ethical doctor and get a nose job or a breast reduction that same day. An ethical doctor will give you the information, both in his office and to take home, and the time necessary to make sure your decision is appropriate.

Surely an abortion deserves just as much consideration.

You cannot get married in South Carolina on the same day you apply for a wedding license. You cannot get divorced in South Carolina, in most cases, without living apart from your spouse a full year to be sure it is the right move.

That does not mean the state is anti-marriage, nor does it mean the state is anti-divorce. It simply means there are actions in South Carolina deemed momentous enough to require significant, informed reflection.

In Los Angeles, authorities are examining the bodies of two small children (they're not sure if they were aborted, miscarried and infants) found in a trunk and wrapped in 1930's newspapers.

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