Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prayers for Jessica Valenti and Layla Sorella Valenti-Golis

According to this post on Feministing, pro-choice blogger Jessica Valenti gave birth to a girl on August 15. Jessica was only 29 weeks and her daughter Layla weighed only 2 pounds. The good news is that both mother and child seem to be doing well.
The news is bittersweet as little Layla was born early, at Jessica’s 29th week of pregnancy; she was diagnosed with a case of severe preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome this weekend and had to undergo an emergency c-section. In short, it’s been a scary and difficult week for the Valenti/Golis fam, but Jessica is recuperating and Layla is doing great — a strong but wee little darling at 2 lbs. Her nurses says she’s feisty and courageous — just like her mama!

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