Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life Links 8/31/10

Women's eNews has an article about abortion doulas in New York City. It notes that some pro-choicers are all that supportive.
"We're also getting pushback from the pro-choice community," said Alison Ojanen-Goldsmith of Seattle's Full Spectrum Doulas, which is preparing to train abortion doulas this fall. "Some pro-choice advocates don't want to admit that abortion patients may need support. They deny it because they're fighting anti-choice rhetoric and its insistence that women are somehow damaged by abortion."

On the progressive Web site Slate.com, one pro-choice journalist asked, "Are women really so fragile that they need a complete stranger to hold their hand at the doctor's?"

The New York Times has a piece on Sarah Palin vs. EMILY's List.
Women are divided but not by gender — the old saw that women must stick together doesn’t work anymore, if it ever did — nor necessarily split by party. They are polarized, like the nation, between the growing conservative-independent camp and the liberal-progressive bloc led by the political classes — or more simply, between insiders and outsiders. And this is the time for the outsiders.

Columnists, political analysts and commentators seem as split as female voters, although giving the edge right now to Ms. Palin as a charismatic and powerful campaigner. She is credited with injecting new enthusiasm among conservative female voters and for the record number of Republican women running for Congress.

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