Monday, August 23, 2010

Majority of Virginia abortion mills don't meet standards of medical facilities

In Virginia, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has issued an opinion stating that Virginia can regulate abortion clinics and treat them like medical facilities.
Pro-life legislators -- including Cuccinelli who served in the state senate -- supported bills that would have treated abortion clinics as ambulatory surgery centers and required them to meet hospital-type regulations with regard to equipment and space.

Currently, abortion clinics are regulated the same way as offices where patients receive oral or plastic surgery.

As usual, being held up to the same standards as medical facilities isn't popular among abortionists.
Abortion providers fear that clinics won't be able to afford the costs of making the changes and will shut down or increase their prices. Keene said if the Board of Health imposes the restrictions, 17 of the 21 abortion providers in the state would most likely have to close their doors.

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