Thursday, September 18, 2008

When Does Life Begin?

RH Reality Check has recently started a series of videos on abortion and issues related to abortion featuring Amanda Marcotte. The first video I watched focuses on the Amanda Marcotte's inability to accept the scientific reality that the life of a human being begins at conception. The commentary of the video is the usual laughable diatribe of Marcotte assertions and silly arguments. Most of sounded like talking points I've heard from her before.

The best part occurs at around 3:14 when Marcotte claims, "The argument that life begins at conception at fertilization is a fundamental Christian belief that has no scientific evidence behind it."

This really shows how astoundingly ignorant she is. She doesn't even understand what a fundamental Christian belief is (last I checked "life begins at fertilization" isn't in the Apostle's Creed) and has never taken even a brief look at the scientific evidence to answer the question of when life begins.

What's funny is the video is supposed to be Marcotte debunking the prolife position but I have trouble seeing how Marcotte comes off as any more persuasive than the strawman they set up for her to beat up.

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