Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life Links 9/18/08

Ramesh Ponnuru outlines the numerous problems with Doug Kmiec’s attempt to defend Barack Obama’s votes against the giving basic rights to infants who survive abortion.

I find it odd that Kmiec calls the Born Alive legislation a “legal charade” but says that he would have voted for it. Are their other pieces of prolife legislation, Kmiec is now willing to call “legal charades” since Obama voted against them? The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, perhaps?

What’s not surprising is that Kmiec never mentions Obama numerous varying excuses for his votes against this legislation and instead comes up with a new and false excuse. What’s also not surprising is Kmiec never mentions how legislation identical to the legislation Obama voted down passed the U.S. Senate 98-0.

Google will now allow religious organizations to place ads on abortion after their policy was challenged.

Michael G. Franc writes to the Palin children about how their brother Trig is a blessing by talking about his experience with his brother John:
I came to realize that this was the theme of John’s life and, if the Lord indeed works in mysterious ways, this is the reason John entered my life and the lives of those around me. He made us better people, bringing forth “the better angels of our nature.”

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