Friday, September 05, 2008

Life Links 9/5/08

Jonathan Last has a theory on why they hate Sarah Palin.

Jonah Goldberg on the swings and misses at Palin.
The Eagleton Option exposed the press’ gut instincts, and the viscera are not pretty. Eagleton dropped out because it was leaked that he’d received shock therapy for ill-defined mental problems. Many of those who expected Palin to withdraw see her values and her choices as proof of a mental problem. “She’s more a conservative man than she is a woman on women’s issues,” quoth a spokeswoman from the predictably shrill National Organization for Women, which always defines womanhood by a woman’s commitment to left-wing feminist dogma. If you’re pro-life, or even just a Republican, you’re not a real woman, you’re suffering from some sort of pernicious gender confusion.

American Right to Life's plan for ending abortion in less 12 years apparently includes staging a sit-in at Focus on the Family because James Dobson said he'll vote for John McCain if the election was "held today."

With ignorant, self-righteous "friends" like these......

I was going to leave a comment but The Raving Atheist beat me to it and slams RHReality Check blogger Emily Douglas for her inability to check her "facts" almost a day after the charge about Sarah Palin cutting funds for special needs children was proven false. Let's see if she corrects her post.

I wonder if there is a cause-and-effect with regards to fact-checking or the lack therefore which could help explain why people like Emily Douglas are pro-choice. If you believe all the nasty things pro-choice blogs say about prolifers, CPC's, and conservative Christians without examining the evidence, then I can see how one would be pro-choice. Or is it vice-versa where being pro-choice leads people to blindly believe anything another pro-choicer says? Or maybe there is some underlying cause which leads people like Emily Douglas to be both pro-choice and unwilling to question charges by pro-choicers against prolifers.

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