Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Life Links 9/30/08

Newsweek asked it's On Faith panelists the following question:
John McCain and Sarah Palin say it's time to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion. Do you agree? What is the right moral choice?

Here are their responses. I'm sure there's lot of good blogging material here. On contributer, Willis Elliott considers single-issue, anti-abortion voters immoral and claims people who vote based on prolife issues are practicing "fetolatry, the idolatry of sacralizing the conceptus/embryo/fetus."

Also notice how Elliott doesn't seem to understand Justice Scalia's position on abortion. It's not that Scalia thinks "anti-abortion laws violate constitutional freedoms." Scalia thinks the Constitution doesn't say anything about abortion so Supreme Court should leave abortion regulations up to the legislative branch. If he thought "anti-abortion laws" were so bad, he probably wouldn't be the so a big boogey-man for the pro-choice movement.

Senator Sam Brownback has a column on his legislation to provide support and information to parents whose children are diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Archbishop William Burke was interviewed in an Italian newspaper and discussed how the Democratic Party is changing into the Party of Death.

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