Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Life Links 9/9/08

Greg Koukl discusses Senator Joe Biden's Meet the Press answer about abortion and the beginning of human life.
The logic of the modified pro-choice position reduces to, “I think it’s wrong to kill my own children, but I don’t think we should stop other people from killing theirs.”

Notice that this critique has nothing to do with whether abortion is right or wrong. That’s a different question. I am simply pointing out that the modified pro-choice view deals itself a fatal blow. That is Biden’s blunder, and the blunder of anyone else advancing such a foolish notion.

Yuval Levin on how the Democratic ticket can't answer questions about the beginning of life without confusing science and theology.
Both insist that the question of when a human life begins is a theological question, and so one without a generally applicable answer. But in fact, the question of when a new human life begins is not fundamentally a theological question but a biological question.....

Do all human beings share in some minimal equal humanity that entitles us to some minimal equal protections, like the protection from intentional killing, regardless of our age, our size, our capacities, abilities, and circumstances?

That’s not a question that answers itself. But it is the question at the heart of the abortion and embryo research debates, and Senators Obama and Biden are avoiding the question by insisting they lack an answer to the prior question — the question of the beginning of life — which they wrongly assert to be a matter of theology.

The Anchorage Daily News has an article about Sarah Palin's beliefs on abortion and attempts to pass abortion restrictions in Alaska.

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