Friday, September 26, 2008

Life Links 9/26/08

Yuval Levin and Wesley Smith have both commented on the recent advance of creating induced pluripotent stem cells in mice using adenoviruses instead of retroviruses. This work clears another objection from embryonic stem cell proponents who often claim induced pluripotent stem cells can't replace embryonic stem cells because of the danger of using retroviruses.

Levin writes,
More then ever, it appears that the promise of such pluripotent cells can be explored—all the way from basic science to the clinic—without the need to use or destroy human embryos, and so without political or ethical controversy. As President Bush put it back in 2006, in defending his approach to the issue and describing the iPS technique (which was then still largely theoretical), science and ethics need not be at odds; with the right policies and the right scientific techniques, they can be championed together. Here's hoping.
I'm worried no matter how far induced pluripotent stem cell research advances, there will still be scientists who'll want to kill human embryos for their stem cells.

A judge in Australia has ruled that an 18-month pregnant 12-year-old girl who has the intellect and emotional maturity of a 9-year-old can have an abortion. There's nothing in the articles I've read about finding the individual who raped her.
The girl had told her carers she wanted the termination and her parents had both consented. However, it was considered their consent was beyond their powers and a judge's declaration was needed.
Hmmm.... can someone with the intellect of 9-year-old really understand having an abortion. I'm guessing her "carers" had their own thoughts on what should happen to this girl's child.

Time profiles a new book on what would happen in the states if Roe v. Wade fell. The book is written by Paul Linton, who works as special counsel to the prolife law firm the Thomas More Law Society.

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