Monday, September 22, 2008

Muskegon Chronicle explains embryonic stem cell research

Classic. A Muskegon Chronicle editorial in favor of Proposal 2 explains the opposition to killing human embryos for research thusly:
Those unfamiliar with the debate may wonder what all the hue and cry is. It's over the fact that the research material is created from the fetuses of human embryos, a terrible sin in the eyes of those opposed to this kind of scientific exploration.

The fetuses of human embryos? Seriously? The phrase “the fetuses of human embryos” is in a newspaper’s editorial. This was written by someone and was edited by at least one editor, if not multiple editors.

I’m guessing the writer means to say something like “the research material is created from the bodies of human embryos” but didn’t want to say “bodies.” I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine.

This gives you a taste of how incredibly ignorant your average newspaper editorial board is on the subject of stem cell research. They don’t even know the basic terminology and can’t even explain why some people oppose killing human embryos for their stem cells. Is there not one individual on the Muskegon Chronicle editorial board with the knowledge to explain to his/her co-workers that there is no such thing as "fetuses of human embryos?"

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