Thursday, March 01, 2007

More Cloning Deception in Iowa

Iowa Governor Chet Culver signed a bill into law to legalize human cloning for research. At the signing he said ,
"Today, thousands of Iowans who have been affected by serious illness and disease now have hope."
Do you think Culver actually believes this? I can't imagine how ticked off I would be if I had a horrible disease and politicians like Culver were continually telling me that this research would save my life only to find out this research is never going to come anywhere near saving my life. I guess human cloning for research proponents hope people with diseases have short memories.

Culver also said,
I want to thank everyone who has been fighting for this life-saving research for the last five years since the stem cell research ban went into effect.

Things to note:
1. Human cloning for research hasn't come anywhere near helping any human patient much less saving a single life so how can Culver call it "life-saving?"
2. Did the Iowa legislature ban stem cell research or did they ban human cloning for research five years ago? Why can't proponents of human cloning for research be honest about what they want?

The absolute vileness of these people. It makes my skin crawl.

Our argument is we have no argument

Debating Human Cloning Legislation in Iowa

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