Monday, March 19, 2007

Life Links 3/19/07

The NIH has a site on new advances in non-embryonic stem cell research which claims it will be updated on a regular basis as new peer-reviewed studies are published.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Free Press editorial board is continuing to prove itself to be one of the most incompetent in the country. A recent editorial calls on Michigan to lift its non-existent ban on embryonic stem cell research. The headline ("Lift state's ban on stem cell research") is even more misleading. The article is filled with more misinformation including the claim that Iowa lifted their restrictions on stem cell research when what the actually did was repeal their ban on human cloning for research. I think the best claim though has to be that Minnesota has an "express ban" on embryonic stem cell research. Don't tell that to the people in charge of the University of Minnesota's human embryonic stem cell training program!

So is the Detroit Free Press editorial board A.) stupid, B.) lazy, C.) biased or D.) all of the above?

Macht on what happens when we see children as "wanted" and "unwanted." I think he also has a good point regarding how sexual temptation doesn't disappear if you're homosexual or heterosexual or with marriage.
A "wanted child" owes his or her very existence to his or her mother. A "wanted child" in an abortion-friendly culture is a child whose existence is due to that child's particular qualities or the "life situation" of the parents. In other words, the child is not accepted or welcomed into this world unconditionally. If the child is in good health and doesn't have any genetic abnormalities and the parents are financially well off and if the parents are responsible enough and so on and so forth, then we will welcome and accept the child.

The idea of a "wanted child" is totally foreign to Christian thought. Christians say that all humans deserve love, dignity, and acceptance unconditionally and a culture of abortion does not allow this.

Bobby Schindler reviews some of what happened to his sister on the second anniversary of the removal of her feeding tube.

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