Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Life Links 3/20/07

The Georgia Senate has passed a bill to promote non-destructive types of stem cell research.

South Carolina legislators have introduced a bill which would require women to see an ultrasound image of their unborn child before an abortion.

Wouldn't be nice if AP reporters (and editors, for that matter) knew enough about stem cell research and human cloning to not allow this kind of gobblegook into their stories.
Challengers say they want cures, too. But they're against research that uses embryos. With the technique, known as somatic cell nuclear transfer, embryos are destroyed once stem cells are extracted from an altered human egg stimulated to grow in a lab dish.
How did somatic cell nuclear transfer (a technique researchers use to try to create cloned human embryos) become a technique to destroy human embryos altered human eggs?

One wonders if Andale Gross took the time to actually interview anyone who was opposed to the creation and destruction of cloned human embryos. Probably not.

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