Thursday, March 29, 2007

Life Links 3/29/07

A woman named Penny Thomas from Hawaii with Parkinson's disease traveled to China and received stem cells taken from a donor's retina. One of the doctors she's going to in the U.S. says,
"I can't believe she's been so active," Arrington said. "She's doing surprisingly well. She's reducing her medication and is still maintaining without any reoccurrence of the Parkinson's symptoms."

In the meantime, a Michigan State University student named Ryan Dinkgrave claims adult stem cell research is an "unproved" form of stem cell research. Another student responds.

It should also be noted that the MIRS/Rossman survey which Dingrave cites asked the following question:
"Missouri recently passed an amendment to their constitution dealing with stem cell research. Their amendment would allow scientists to conduct research on stem cells and establish strict reporting and oversight on any stem cell research in their state. If you had the opportunity, how would you vote on this issue, would you vote (ROTATE) for this amendment or against this amendment?"
And some have and will use this question to claim that 65% of the people in Michigan would favor overturning a law which doesn't restrict embryonic (notice how this word was left out of the question) stem cell research but merely prevents researchers from killing human embryos for research.

What an absolute joke.

A teen who used one of the drugs in an RU-486 abortion to abort her child (the child was born alive and eventually died) in the 25th week of pregnancy won't be charged with murder but has been charged with "illegally procuring an abortion, a felony that carries up to seven years in prison if convicted."

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