Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Life Links 3/28/07

Charles Colson on what children have become.
Orenstein, however hesitantly, believed she had the right to have a child at any cost. Raper believed that she had the right not to have a child if she did not want one. Both children, different as their situations are, demonstrate the reality in our culture today: the tragic reality that children have become mere commodities to meet our needs, or, if they don't meet our needs, things to be discarded.

What does the New York Times Magazine's most recent mistake have to do with their error regarding the story about abortion in El Salvador? Mark Hemingway notices an interesting connection.

What happens when you can't find enough doctors to do abortions? In Britain, some people are trying to make it so nurses can perform abortions. The article probably has one of the most classic pro-choice quotes I've ever come across. Dr. Vincent Argent, "who heads the abortion unit at Addenbrooke's Hospital" and who has written an article entitled "How can abortion be made simpler for women," says,
""I would not say I am particularly pro choice and I am not particularly pro life. Every doctor has their own point of view.

"I think probably women should be able to make a choice about abortion."

Wouldn't that be like a prolifer saying, "I'm not particularly prolife or particularly pro-choice. I think probably abortion should be illegal because it intentionally takes the life of an innocent human being."

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