Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Forceps encrusted in brownish blood-like residues"

That was one of the reasons the New Jersey state health department has temporarily closed down the Metropolitan Medical Associates in Englewood according to this story in the Record.

Inspectors also found opened packs of items which were supposed to be sterilized, rusty crotchet hooks (which were used to remove IUDs), and "a quarter-inch of dark red "dirt and debris" under an exam table."

The clinic also couldn't prove they had anyone in control of infection control and the person who was supposedly in charge of it wasn't trained and couldn't recall being in charge of it. Also,
In separate records released Tuesday, investigators concluded the facility failed to notify the department "of an event occurring within the facility that jeopardized the health and safety of a patient." The department refused to release details of the "event."

The department also found that the patient's medical and operative records were incomplete.

"The operative report was not immediately completed following the procedure because Staff Member #1 reported being 'superstitious' and was aware that Patient #1 had emergency surgery performed and was waiting for the results," investigators wrote. The patient has since sued for malpractice.
Pro-choice advocates spend a lot of time lamenting on the poor conditions of illegal abortions in foreign countries yet I've heard not a word from abortion advocates (like the National Abortion Federation) about these seedy conditions at one of their own facilities.

This case also shows how some abortion providers work to cover up their mistakes and don't follow the law about reporting abortion complications to the state health department.

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