Friday, March 02, 2007

Life Links 3/2/07

Michael Fumento on the "false adult stem cell paper" that wasn't false.

Frank Beckmann: Civility can still reign even on divisive issue of abortion

Though Tim Stickel's kindness towards the protestors was commendable, I believe he could have given some better answers to their questions.

Adult stem cells might eventually be able to help treat male infertility.
These data demonstrate that bone marrow stem cells have the potential to differentiate into cells of the testes involved in sperm production, both germ cells and supporting cells. Interestingly, the germ cells did not differentiate fully into sperm, suggesting that additional factors or cellular signals are needed.

Future studies will characterize the other factors, such as hormones, required to complete sperm production in this transplant model. In addition, since the bone marrow cells used here represent a mixed population of stem cells, further studies will determine which specific stem cell type was able to colonize and differentiate in the testes. The results of future studies could have dramatic implications for treating male infertility or testosterone deficiency.
The abstract of the study is here.

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