Friday, March 30, 2007

Life Links 3/30/07

Dave G. at Race42008 discusses whether or not Fred Thompson has changed his position on whether first trimester abortions should be illegal or not. I think prolifers need to have some clarification on what his current position is before jumping on his boat.

The Center for American Progress highlights 2007 polls on embryonic stem cell research . None of the polls note that a human embryo has to be destroyed in order to obtain embryonic stem cells. Also of note, the page claims, "It's interesting to note that even Republicans in the CBS News poll said they approve of embryonic stem cell research by 54-36. On the stem cell research issue, Bush isn't even representing his own partisans, much less the rest of the public."

But the reality is that Bush approves of embryonic stem cell research. He's the first President to provide federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research. You could only prove Bush isn't representing his own partisans if you had a question which showed the majority of Republicans favored the expansion of federal funding to newer embryonic stem cell lines. Also note the rather high "Don't know/No Opinion" responses. A good portion of the public really doesn't know where they stand on this issue - most likely because the public in general doesn't know much about it.

A man from Missouri named Bill Bernhardt claims an adult stem cell procedure performed on him and his heart in Bangkok saved his life.

You just have love those proponents of human cloning for research. This from David Dietz , who is the founder of an organization in favor human cloning for research organization in Delaware.
S.B. 5 specifically outlaws the creation of human versions of Dolly the sheep. It does not outlaw the procedure known as somatic cell nuclear transplantation when, and only when, it is used for medical research and therapeutic purposes......

Do they have the courage of their convictions to publicly reveal their true intentions, or will they continue to obfuscate the facts with half-truths and misrepresentations and continue to use opposition to S.B. 5 as the scapegoat to cover up their true motives?
Unfortunately, Dietz doesn't have the courage of his convictions to admit that somatic cell nuclear transplantation is human cloning and the legislation he favors doesn't outlaw the creation of human clones, it outlaws them being implanted into a uterus.

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