Monday, January 23, 2006

West Coast March for Life and Pro-choice Intolerance

The West Coast March for Life was another time for intolerant pro-choicers to come out and show their complete intolerance for prolifers and the prolife view.

A few pro-choicers held signs that said "Bigots go home" or "Keep your laws off my body and I'll keep my hands off your throat."

Lovely, huh? Also, notice the white sign with purple lettering in the background that reads "Free abortion on demand." Odd, because according Kate Michelman on Meet the Press, "I have never heard a woman demand to have an abortion. I think that that language reveals the lack of respect that those who oppose abortion have for women who face crises. We've got to get rid of that language."

Random Jottings has a photo of a large sign which reads "No to Women-Hating Christian-Fascist Theocracy."

Pro-choice intolerance is alive and well.

HT: After Abortion

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