Friday, January 13, 2006

Pro-choice bigotry?

At Panda's Thumb, a pro-choice commenter named Mcubed is took PZ and other pro-choice commenters to task for the manner in which they dismiss prolife views.

In one comment, mcubed writes,
"Ultimately, I don't find the arguments convincing, but I wouldn't be so quick to belittle or dismiss them as you are. And frankly, I think one of the reasons the anti-abortion movement has gained such steam is precisely because many pro-choice advocates are so often condescending and downright insulting.....

Ultimately, we all like to believe that the positions we align ourselves with are the reasonable positions that reasonable people would hold. Frankly, I expect a degree of small-mindedness, bigotry and derisiveness on the part of some who hold opposing views, and I'm always glad to find people in the opposition who are, in fact, reasonable and articulate, even if unpersuasive......What pains me is to find small-mindedness, bigotry and derisiveness among people whose positions I agree with."

Other comments by mcubed here, here, here and here,

Mcubed's reward: He or she gets called a troll and accused of being prolife.

I think we need more pro-choicers like Mcubed.


  1. I'm a fan of this quote:

    "Roe v. Wade has been the law of the land for 30+ years, yet many pro-choice advocates carry on with the rhetoric of the beleaguered and embattered. It rings as hollow as the Upper-Middle-Class- Straight-WASP-Male who claims that affirmative action means he's being discriminated against."

  2. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Unfortuantly it's not uncommon to see bigotry on popular pro-choice blogs. It's too bad that more pro-choicers don't have the kind of respect this person does for opposing views. It shows just how "open-minded" they really are.

  3. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Not to transfer issues, but if you'd like a good example of bigotry and intolerance, check out the responses from the two recent pro-choice repliers at the blog Abortion Clinic Days

  4. Macht,
    What I love is that the title of PZ's post is "The red is for blood" and he makes the "Women will die" argument but then on comment 57098, PZ says, "I don't think pro-lifers are necessarily ignorant. I do think they've shackled themselves to a purely emotional argument, however."