Monday, January 16, 2006

I want my baby back

A young woman recently shared her adverse reaction to her abortions at the Live Journal Abortion Info Community.

" I had an abortion last year, and still Im torn up about it, I try to convince myself I did the right thing, I wasnt ready to have a baby, I would probably be abusive, I had abusive parents and am manic depressive and have anxiety, I have a crappy job and dont make tons of money.
But deep inside me I feel like I murdered something, I feel like I could have done something else but I was also afraid of having a baby raised on welfare or raised like my parents raised me, and I wouldnt beable to give it up for adoption I was attatched after 4 months.

I wake up at night with dreams and find myself screaming I want my baby back, I try to talk to my boyfriend but I know hes frustreated about it (hes the one that I got pregant with, weve been together for two years)
Alot of times I have dreams about being in the abortion clinic I see everyone else having abortions and acting like its an every day event.
I feel like if i ever do have kids I will feel guilty for the one I killed.

A couple of other women in the comments are also struggling with their abortion experience.

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