Friday, January 06, 2006

Another Adult Stem Cell Success Blacked Out in the American Media

From the UK's The Telegraph:

The ability to recreate breast cancer in the laboratory, understand why the cancer can recur in treated women and even grow replacement breast tissue could result from the discovery of a "mammary gland stem cell" reported today by scientists....

Remarkably, two teams report today that it is possible to reconstruct an entire organ from a stem cell, which in this case is the branched ducts and structures made of so called epithelial tissue in a milk producing breast.

The discovery lays an important foundation for understanding how normal breast tissue develops. It could also provide clues about how breast cancer occurs and how rogue tumour cells can evade treatment to cause a recurrence.

Now go to Google, type in "breast stem cell" (without the quotes), click on News, click on all 59 related for the first story that comes up and this is what you get.

Of the 59 media outlets currently covering the story, Forbes appears to be the only large American media outlet that has mentioned it while large media outlets in Australia, Britain, Canada and India have the story.

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