Thursday, January 05, 2006

Serenity Insanity NOW, Insanity Later

Does any sane human being actually believe this:

Replacing Sandra Day O'Connor with Samuel Alito would set women back decades — and unravel O'Connor's legacy of moderation on the Court. Alito's vote would tip the Court's balance on so many issues that he would be a human time machine — taking us back to the days

* when sexual harassment and sex discrimination were "all in a day's work" for women;
* when women were routinely excluded from law schools, medical schools and elite colleges;
* when there were no female firefighters, and no women on the police force;
* when women could be fired for becoming pregnant, or getting married;
* when employment ads were divided into "Help Wanted - Male" and "Help Wanted - Female;"
* when illegal, unsafe abortions, were the norm, and reliable birth control was outlawed as well.

NOW's President Kim Gandy has fallen out of the crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down. She then dug her way through the ground and hit all the roots. These attacks are so laughable that it shows how little they actually have against Alito.

Does NOW really believe that their members are so stupid that they think one Supreme Court justice has this much power? Do they believe their members are so enraged with AAS (Alito Anger Syndrome) that they'd throw away any sense of being grounded in reality?

But then again, this is the same group that promised us "STOP SOUTER OR WOMEN WILL DIE."


  1. Well in a way they were right with Souter. Since a child's sex can be determined very early, the ABC link and the destruction of almost one fourth of a generation of Americans are all something he has helped with.