Friday, January 20, 2006

My Bleeding Dream

A young woman named Brittany at her blog, My Bleeding Dream laments the loss of Emily, her aborted child. She also says that she and her boyfriend will be trying to have another child soon because "I need one to make me complete." It appears she was coerced into having an abortion by her mother and her boyfriend's mother.

"I miss Emily so much. Dustin and I had a fight last night because I was mad. I wasn't mad at him but I was upset. I wish she was back. I would be 20 weeks and 6 days pregnant today, but...i'm not because I had to have an abortion. I did NOT want to have an abortion, I wanted to keep my child. Dustin did too, he wanted his little baby to be born. He wanted to push her on a swing and teach her things. "

Abortion Clinic Days also has the sad story of a women who felt forced into an abortion because she was the family's sole wage earner, her husband is a drunk and her mother (who it seems was her support system and talked her out of abortion on two previous occassions) was no longer alive.

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