Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Planned Parenthood is clueless as Ted Kennedy

Planned Parenthood has a new cartoon out on the Samuel Alito hearings where they allow you to ask Alito a question and then have him answer. The cartoon Alito gives a bunch of non-responses.

One of their bloggers thinks "Alito's "answers" remind me of Charlie Brown's teacher. Wah wah wah wah wah... I am watching very carefully. Alito's definitely talking. Words are coming out of his mouth — but he's not saying anything."

Have they been watching the same hearings? Supposedly Alito has answered a greater percentage of questions than Roberts or Ginsburg. Alito usually is quite open to giving a response when the senators aren't giving long speeches. A more appropriate cartoon would be Biden or Kennedy or another senator droning on.

The blogger continues: "This morning on NBC's Today show, political pundit Paul Begala said that the Senate Judiciary Committee should ask Alito for just one example from his 15 years of serving as a judge in which his personal views differed from his rulings. Not a bad idea" and then says we'd probably get answers like the ones provided by Planned Parenthood's cartoon.

Is Planned Parenthood's blogger unaware that Alito voted to uphold the Supreme Court's ruling on partial-birth abortion in Planned Parenthood vs. Farmer?

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