Tuesday, January 24, 2006

So then it is a baby?

You've got to wonder about the level of cognitive dissonance that affects this pro-choicer. She calls the unborn child in her womb a "baby" yet is in favor of legal killing of other "babies" and for some reason thinks that her "baby" would also be in favor of the legal killing of other "babies."


  1. Anonymous11:47 AM

    You are obviously a man... and as such you have no right to have an opinion about something you know nothing about and could never even begin to fathom... an unborn human is a parasite in the female body up to around 5 1/2 months because there has never been a case of a human pre baby surviving outside the mother's womb until this gestation point has been reached... This is a scientific fact you moron... the parasite does not become a baby until it reaches the point where it can survive outside its host the mother and before you say any other stupidity I myself am the mother of 2 children...Women have been subjugated to mens will for to long... she should have the freedom to decide wether or not she wants to subject herself to the horror of pregnancy it is her god given right and no man including you should have the right to tell her she is wrong for excersising that god given right... we answer to god not to any man...

  2. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I am a woman too. And I say, in response to you, I have never heard of a baby living without someone nurturing, feeding, and fulfilling a babies needs even after it's born. As a mother, I'm sure you can understand this. Before the time when a baby can "live" on its "own," of course the baby needs a mother, the baby needs a mother just like any other time during the child's life. And by answering to God, I would hope that you agree that God would never want us to call our children a parasite, let alone harm them.

  3. Anonymous7:03 AM

    The Proceeding Ladies ahead of me are correct in their response. I would like to point out in biblical creation "GOD" created Adam and Eve he fashioned Adam From the Ground and Eve from his rib, but there is one common thing that made them alive or living meaning "with a soul" that is breath. "Genesis 2:7 7 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." (which shows it may be living tissue but it is not a living soul till its lungs and body can support the breathe of life) it is merely a copy of your living tissue till its first "Breath". Till then it has no "soul." If you think about it that is why woman have been thought of as subordinate to men because "woman was taken from mans rib" so she is a copy of his tissue and women have been treated as lower then men since the conception because they are part of man even though woman is breathing (has a soul) and able to sustain themselves they are still treated most the time as lower then men. The woman in this picture is correct to say that her "baby is" what she is saying is "I am making a choice to carry full term until this baby can be free to make its own choices" She is saying "I choose to carry till GOD gives this child a soul, Till GOD breathes life into it" That is something even man can not do.. (ie) still birth even though the babies are fully developed they are not granted a soul because that is GODS choice. To carry is full term is "her choice".

    1. Anonymous11:28 AM

      Fetuses breathe before they're born too. Just not through their lungs. And it takes a while after the baby is born before it starts breathing through the lungs.