Thursday, November 03, 2005

When will Ramesh Ponnuru's book about abortion and American politics come out?

Not soon enough.

Red State links to and provides excerpts from of an old article Ramesh did 10 years ago for the National Review.

In the piece, Ramesh details how advocates of legal abortion lied again and again and again in an amicus curiae brief in an attempt to convince Supreme Court justices that "Americans had recognized the right to choose abortion at the time of the Republic's founding" and that the reasons abortion was restricted in the past no longer exist or aren't "constitutionally permissible."

Ramesh outlines how the advocates of legal abortion, "mischaracterize(d) sources," "misreport(ed) facts," "support(ed) claims with citations that have no relevance to those claims," "rip(ped) quotations out of context" and "rel(ied) on discredited sources -- even on sources that signatories to the brief have themselves discredited."

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