Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Life Links 11/8

Amy Hall does a great job summarizing and discussing some prolife issues that were featured on last week's CSI.

What I found interesting was how while it is usually implied that prolifers use religious claims to back up their opposition to abortion and embryonic stem cell research, characters on CSI attempted to use theological arguments instead of using science (their usual tool) to prove that the unborn aren't living human beings. I wonder why?

Human embryos can repair themselves? According to a recent study, human embryos that appeared "defective" while at the 8-cell stage appear to correct their "defects" by the time they reach the blastocyst stage (about 100-200 cells). How many human embryos have been tossed out as "defective" because of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis who would have corrected their "defect?"

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