Monday, November 21, 2005

Planned Parenthood's web site calls the unborn "children"

Working at an organization that strongly advocates on behalf of legal abortion must be trying in a lot of ways. One thing that I think a lot of people would find difficult would be language usage. When you're an abortion advocate and you're discussing abortion, words like "child," "baby," and "living" aren't the correct words to describe the unborn because then some people might get the idea that the unborn are living human beings. We all know that Planned Parenthood and company wouldn't want that.

Yet Planned Parenthood has posted part of an article on the possible dangers of anticonvulsant drugs might have on women on their web site. The article was written by Ann Scherer and originally appeared on Epilepsy USA's website.

Quotes I thought I'd never see grace Planned Parenthood's web site include:

"Potential effects on children whose mothers take anticonvulsants during pregnancy are even more troubling..."

"Now pregnant with her first child, Julie has had seizures since childhood and has taken anticonvulsants for years."

Noticeably missing from Planned Parenthood's web site version of the article is this:

"Sometimes, pregnancy is the starting point. When 23-year-old Liz Wood, of Calera, AL, became pregnant with her son, she knew her life would change. As a single mom-to-be, she knew she'd face special challenges. What she didn't expect was an entirely new medical diagnosis.

During the ninth month of her pregnancy, Liz experienced a seizure, a grand mal convulsion that stopped her breathing. "I almost died, and I almost lost the baby," she recalled. (Emphasis added)

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