Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Post-abortive teens on Proposition 73

Via Real Choice and Media Girl, I've been pointed to the testimony of teens who mostly oppose Proposition 73. One of the teens is the father of an aborted child. Sixteen year-old Elliot McGregor writes in "NOT READY TO BE A BABY DADDY":

My girlfriend Jenay had an abortion and the baby was mine. I met her at John Muir Middle School in Oakland. We were both 14. She was 15 when she had an abortion....

She had the abortion because she didn't wan't her father to hate her. She didn't actually know if he really would have hated her, but they had some talks in the past and he told her she should wait to have sex and that he would be disappointed if she got pregnant.....

After she had the abortion I felt really bad and relieved at the same time. I felt bad because we killed my son or daughter. I was relieved because I didn't have to go through the drama that might have occurred with my family and I if they found out. (Emphasis mine)

Read the other stories and you'll see that these teens seem to clearly understand that abortion kills a "baby" or an "unborn child" yet think that abortion should be legal. Being a post-abortive person who recognizes the reality of what abortion is seems like a heavy burden for someone who's barely old enough to drive.

I have no clue how Media Girl thinks that the testimony of these kids helps her argument against parental notification.

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