Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"Our child doesn't deserve Down Syndrome. He deserves death."

Maria Eftimiades, national correspondent for People magazine, shared her decision to abort her son with Down Syndrome in yesterday's Washington Post.

She discusses how her pregnancy, her hopes for her son and her abortion decision before closing with a few comments.

I'm sure pro-lifers don't give you the right to grieve for the baby you chose not to bring into the world (another euphemism, although avoiding the word "abortion'' doesn't take any sting out of the decision to have one). Only now do I understand how entirely personal the decision to terminate a pregnancy is and how wrong it feels to bring someone else's morality into the discussion.

Maybe she doesn't know the right prolifers because the prolife movement has done immensely more work helping women grieve the loss of the child they aborted than the pro-choice movement. Prolife people are able to recognize that an actual loss occurred while the ideology of many pro-choicers usually just leads them to think women just lost something "that could have been" and blame grieving emotions on hormones.

As for that baby that will never be, I will remember him always. But I'm quite certain that I made the right choice for the three of us.

That baby that will never be? How about that baby that was but is no longer? How can you remember something that never was?

Isn't it odd how some people have a problem with others bringing their "morality into the discussion" but have no problem pushing their morality onto their unborn children?

"You can't decide what's right for me. No one should tell me what to do. But I can decide that death is right for my son based solely on him having a disability. I can decide that his life isn't worth living because that raising a disabled is a ‘journey' that's ‘better not taken.'"

They have no problem with pushing morality on others as long as they're the ones doing the pushing.

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  1. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Ahh.. this is an interesting story, I have personally sent it to everyone on my contacts list.

    Isn't it amazing? Our pursuit for so-called new technology has allowed us to OK an abortion simply because a child has Down Syndrome.

    This is a story I am sure many will encounter now that the ability to know is much sooner than before.

    I personally, had no testing what so ever with my fifth and final child. She was born in July of 04 and happens to have Down Syndrome.

    She is a joy to our family and I can't imagine life without her. It is sad that one could justify the dismissal of someone they have never known simply because he/she didn't meet the standard of acceptability.

    The world is more driven on superficial beauty and the determination to rule out anyone that doesn't meet it, now more than ever.

    Sad because most people do not meet the media guided image of what beauty is.

    Anyway, enough rambling.

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